Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  So, I mentioned last week that we adopted a new puppy right?  We adopted a 1 year old mutt nearly 2 years ago, Leo, who is basically the love of my life (sorry husband, haha).  Anyway, we’ve been debating for about a year now whether to get a second dog.  Every now and then I peruse the local dog rescue association websites just to get a peek.  When you see all the sad, adorable, and hopeless dogs out there that need homes, it’s really hard to say no.  Last week, I was checking out the Montgomery County shelter’s adoptable dogs, and I melted when I saw that little girl puppy with the big floppy ears. Before I knew it, she was ours!

Really how could you say no to those puppy eyes?

We’ve named her Penny.  For the first few days, everything was fine.  She came to us emaciated.  Our older dog, Leo, has always been very independent.  We bring him to the dog park all the time to socialize, but whatever happened to him on the streets before we found him has made him very wary of other dogs.  It’s sad because it seems like he doesn’t realize when other dogs want to play with him…he doesn’t even seem to realize that other doggies are for playing with.  So, we spent the weekend trying to adjust the dogs to each other.  Penny just wants to bounce around and have puppy playtime, but Leo doesn’t seem interested.

Over the weekend Penny started getting sick.  She had what sounded like a bad respiratory cold.  We called the vet Monday morning to make an appointment, and he told us to bring her in immediately and drop her off.  Turned out she had to stay overnight at the vet until Wednesday.  She has hookworms and another parasite called coccidia, which is common in shelter puppies and can even be fatal.

Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of this week freaking out.  Not just about the puppy, but also about Leo, because I became terrified he would get infected as well.  Both parasites are pretty contagious, and it’s pretty much near impossible to disinfect your yard from hookworm.  At this point, we had been milling about the house and yard for several days not realizing everything was contaminated.  We’ve finally got Penny home, but we have to keep her and Leo isolated from one another for about two weeks, which is a bigger pain than it sounds like.

So, with all this puppy drama going on, I sadly haven’t been able to get too much done for LOB.  I’m not sure about you, but I’m the type of person that can daydream and come up with 47 ideas for new jewelry pieces all day….but I just never seem to get the time or energy to bring all these ideas and plans to life.  I still haven’t opened that big beautiful sewing machine!

Hopefully this weekend I will have some time to dedicate to the shop!  Thanks for reading 🙂

2 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Tisha

    I know what you mean about getting my ideas into reality…it's just overwhelming at times.Congrats on you new pup. Most heartworm prevetatives also prevent intestinal worms so if Leo is on this, he's pretty safe from the hookworms. The coccidosis is different a different story though.I do love those adorable puppy eyes.

  2. Kristen (by the book paper)

    So sorry about your puppy woes! When we adopted our sweetest girl dog EVER a couple of years ago, she came to us with kennel cough from being transported, and I was pregnant, which was a danger to me (unbeknownst to me!). Luckily she was fine and so was I. Good that you caught all the buggies now so you can take care of them. I'm sure your doggies will end up buds in no time.

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