Spring Craft Show Display

As I mentioned (not sure if I did actually, let’s pretend), I did a craft show last month in Katy, Texas.  Setup was all day the Friday before the show started.  My craft show adventure weekend started out pretty stressful.  It was a really busy week at my day job, and my husband ended up having to work late on Friday (and all day Saturday) so I was flying solo nearly all weekend.  I left work as quickly as I could to go home to grab my tables and inventory and head out on the 45 minute drive out to Katy, during rush hour AND during a terrible thunderstorm.  Of course when I finally got home, my puppy had peed all over her crate.

By the time I made it out to Katy, I had about an hour to set up as much of my booth as I could all by my lonesome.  After check-in I found out my booth was not actually IN the main arena, but in a hallway…directly outside the MEN’S restroom!  The show director promised me this would be a preemo (primo? premo? is it even a word?) spot, so I decided to put a smile on my face and make the best of it.

Anyway, it wasn’t a super wonderful show, but it was my best yet (out of 3, still a craft show newbie here), and a great experience.  I met some other wonderful vendors, made some good sales, and handed out almost all my business cards.

Plus, I got to debut my new and improved show display (see past discussions of my display here and here)!  I graduated from 2 to 3 tables, with the addition of my vintage china plate tiered displays (that’s a mouthful!), and all my new titanium post earrings.  I also made a handful of colorful yarn wreaths to sell.  AND I got to try out my new VistaPrint banner!

One side of my display
Oh hello, men’s restroom!
Antique shutters, antique plates, yarn wreaths…
Handmade earring card display for my plated stud collection
Birdhouse display and antique printer’s tray display

Check out my tutorial for how to make my DIY ring box display here, and also an explanation for how I built my DIY earring card display here.

I’ll be setting up my display again May 19 at the Friendswood Fine Arts Institute’s Art in the Park!

4 thoughts on “Spring Craft Show Display

  1. Michelle

    Oooh you will be in my neck of the woods! Good ole Friendswood 🙂 I may have to stop by that day!! Love your display, looks like so much work though, good job!!

  2. Sharon

    Love your cards for holding pierced earrings. Where did you get the little brown circles for them?

    1. lazyowlboutique Post author

      Hi Sharon! Thanks for checking out my display! I’m glad you like it 🙂

      If you mean the manilla tags with the brown circles on them that hold the pierced ears on the lime green display, I get those tags from a few sources. The first is a great little etsy shop called Supply Owl . I also keep my eyes peeled for deals on tags on Pick Your Plum and Plaid Barn. I’ve never bought the brown circles separate from the tags themselves, the circles and the string usually comes already on them.

      Hope that helps!


  3. lazyowlboutique Post author

    Sorry, I think you might mean the brown circle tags I have on the mannequin holding my crystal studs! I think I got those from a Plaid Barn deal long ago, but an Etsy search for circle kraft paper tags yields similar items! Just make sure it’s a thick enough weight of paper to be used for earring cards.

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