Introducing Work/Life Balance – Attempting to Stay Sane

work life balance as a creative business ownerHi guys. It’s me here today! After I converted this blog over to WordPress from Blogger back in 2012, I gave it a much more refined and defined feel and revamped it as a place where other creative entrepreneurs could access business resources, download free printables, and learn about relevant topics to improve their business skills.

I’ve really enjoyed growing this site, writing about all these fun business topics, and learning as I go along. The journey has been great thus far! But I’ve gone through a lot of changes in my own journey as a creative entrepreneur and in my personal life as well.  I’ve gone from working as a full-time CPA to a work/stay-at-home mom of an 8-month-old baby girl.

I’ve never really enjoyed writing too much about my personal life or myself, it just doesn’t come very naturally to me, but it’s been challenging and a bit confusing for me to have this website, a pretty public forum, and NOT share any pieces of my life other than only the tiny corner of the me that is Lazy Owl Boutique. Thus, I’ve decided to add a new periodic series of posts, which for now I’m calling Work/Life Balance, that will serve as a more personal outlet for me.

If you’re like me, you probably follow a handful of really awesome lifestyle blogs, and if you have kids, maybe even some mom blogs too. I know you don’t come to our site here to learn about makeup, cupcake baking, or parenting,… you come for the business resources and tips (I hope)! My goal is not to turn this into a lifestyle blog or spend days chronicling my baby girl’s motor skill development. However, I do think (and hope) that it’ll be refreshing and interesting to add a personal touch to my site, and that you can relate to the challenges of running an at-home office and business alongside a household and a family. Even if you aren’t a parent or working from home, I think we can all relate to the constant hustle and juggling of trying to make it as a creative entrepreneur.

lazy owl boutique

My hope is that this new article series will reconcile my innate need to include a more personal side to this site (which before everything else, is really simply a blog!) with the helpful educational tidbits you’ve already come to expect from Lazy Owl. A lot of my favorite blogs in the handmade business realm are written by ladies that do a wonderful job of giving their readers a peek into their home/personal lives as well. I think this is what makes them relatable, interesting, and successful. I find that I trust their business advice and experience more since I feel like I know them a bit better as a well-rounded person, and not just an entrepreneur or a faceless blogger.

I hope you agree, and I’m really looking forward to this new venture! If you find the new article series boring or pointless, I also don’t mind if you skip them and just read all the free business goodies 🙂

Thanks for joining me here!





4 thoughts on “Introducing Work/Life Balance – Attempting to Stay Sane

  1. Barbara

    Good for you. I think it’s a good point about feeling like you know somebody a little before you believe their advice. I follow several blogs, although I don’t blog myself. I used to follow 20-30 blogs, but am down to about 6-7. Lately I have gotten the impression that blogs are really written just for other bloggers, & not Jane Q Public (like me). Anyway, yours is 1 I have kept following, because even without much of your “personal’ life included , you have always come across as sincere in wanting to help .

    1. lazyowlboutique Post author

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Barbara, and thanks for the kind words! I’m glad that my blog has made the cut for your list of blogs to follow! I hope I can continue to provide valuable content for you. It’s really nice for me to get some feedback so I appreciate it.


  2. Erika

    Yay! I’m looking forward to this new feature, Janet! I think that a small business usually means so much of the creator is infused with it, so naturally if people enjoy the product, I think it’s likely they will enjoy getting to know a bit more about the creator, too. Same with taking advice; the more you know about a person, the easier it is to apply the advice (especially if you feel similar or admire that person in some way, shape, or form). YAY! 🙂

    1. lazyowlboutique Post author

      Thanks Erika! Part of the reason that I decided to do this new series was our conversation last month 🙂

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