Hi there!  Thanks for coming learn a little bit about me.  My name is Janet LeBlanc, and I am the owner, maker, creator, designer, writer, and brain behind the Lazy Owl blog & the shop Lazy Owl Boutique.

lazy owl about me

me and my beautiful family

My History

I spent a whole lotta years in college earning an undergrad degree in Accounting, and then my Masters. Soon after, I sat for the CPA exam and began my career in public accounting. Working sixty plus hours a week in a cube churning out spreadsheet after spreadsheet for the man. After a few years, I realized the creative imagination that thrived during my childhood had withered to a tiny speck. And I wanted it back ASAP! This was when Pinterest was just gaining popularity, and I sadly realized that it had been a long, long time since I worked on a craft project.

I set up a craft studio in my house and began experimenting with making jewelry. Lazy Owl Boutique was officially born in May 2011 when I finally transitioned to a new day job that gave me more time to craft outside of the work week. Having a creative outlet and running my own business outside of cubicle nation was a very rewarding experience for me. Once I turned on the faucet of creativity I couldn’t stop.

In 2012, I decided to challenge myself further.  I quit my steady accounting day job and decided to teach college accounting part-time, while more fully pursuing my own business and brand. This allowed me the time and freedom to more fully pursue my small business dreams, while also getting some handy experience at teaching.

In 2013, I quit the workforce altogether with the birth of our first daughter, Hazel. Now I’m a full-time mom & creative entrepreneur. I juggle mom duties with running this blog, working on e-books, and continuing to craft jewelry.

I design and craft every item you see in my jewelry shop with pride. My products have shipped to all corners of the globe, and are currently sold locally in Houston at The Tinderbox and Blue Elephant Boutique.

My experiences with starting and running a successful handcrafted biz, along with my background as an accountant, inspired me to start a site dedicated to helping other creatives with their business finances.

Lazy Owl’s Mission Statement

My goal is to create a venue for sharing entrepreneurial ideas, resources, and advice.  I’d like to combine my business background, educational experience, and entrepreneurial experiences to provide helpful articles, worksheets, and downloads for other creative business owners out there. 

i believe i can fly!

A lot of us have big dreams and are brimming with creativity, but we lack the business knowledge and marketing finesse to fully execute our vision.  At the very least, many artists and crafters find financial business concepts like pricing, accounting, and bookkeeping intimidating, challenging, or unimportant.  My goal is to change that!  I hope to hone this space as your go-to source for creative business help, a true intersection of left brain and right brain!

Why Should You Trust Me to Help You with Your Creative Business?

  • I’ve got tons of experience in accounting, with a BS and an MS in Accounting
  • I’ve got lots of experience teaching intro accounting at the college level
  • But most importantly, I too am a creative entrepreneur! I’ve been successfully running my handcrafted jewelry business for over three years now, so I know all the ins and outs and challenges of operating your own creative business.

I love hearing from my customers and readers; please don’t hesitate to contact me! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and Lazy Owl!


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