Crafting a Business 101

crafting a business 101




As a creative business owner for the past 3 years and a CPA by experience, it’s been my goal to create a series of helpful articles and resources that simply and breakdown the concepts behind efficiently and effectively running your creative business. Thus, my “Crafting a Business 101” series was born.

In each Crafting a Business article, we delve into the planning, organization, and operating of a creative small business. As artists, many of us are more right brain than left brain, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect the business-side of our creative ventures! Analytics, finances, bookkeeping, pricing strategies, marketing tools…these are all concepts that are not only important for us to learn about and grasp to be successful, but they can actually be a tiny bit fun too! I promise.

Crafting a Business 101: The Creative Business PlanTotal Side Note – We’ve turned our most popular series on crafting your creative business plan into a downloadable e-course and workbook! Check it out here.






If you’re just getting started browsing this blog, here are some of our most popular Crafting a Business posts. Lots of these posts include free downloadable printables to help you get started!

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