The Creative Business Plan e-course & workbook

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Have you been thinking about turning your craft into a creative business, but you feel lost and you aren’t sure where to begin?

Have you always wanted to take your artistic talents to the next level as an entrepreneur and open your own Etsy shop, but you feel unconfident in your ability to successfully run your own business?

Or maybe you’ve recently taken the plunge and excitedly opened your own creative biz, only to quickly feel dismayed by seemingly drowning in an oversaturated market.

Are you currently a creative entrepreneur that feels uncertain or confused about the path your business should take?

Are you overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make daily as a business owner? Who you should be trying to sell your products to, where you should be selling, how you should spend your marketing time, or even simply how to best market your products?

If any of these questions relate to you, don’t worry! If you spend just a bit of time and energy crafting a business plan, one that is targeted specifically for creative businesses, you will boost your confidence and gain the tools you need to successfully run your business now.

Business planning is an essential process for financial and creative success, but it’s often a to-do list item that we creative-minded people skip or skim over, mostly because it seems boring or unnecessary. But as “they” say, those that don’t plan, plan to fail.

Our solution, Crafting a Business 101: The Creative Business Plan, is an e-course and workbook developed just for creative businesses.

I define a “creative business” as a unique entity, a business that is started, crafted, and operated by a creative-thinker, an artist, an idea person… someone who usually looks at the world from outside the box. A creative business sells uniquely crafted items or services, things with a personal touch, items that might be designed by hand or one-of-a-kind services. Your creative business is built from the ground up by you, the creative entrepreneur, the artist. You pour your blood, sweat, and tears into your products and into crafting your business.

You aren’t cookie-cutter. Your products aren’t cookie-cutter. Your business isn’t cookie-cutter. Now you need a business plan that isn’t cookie-cutter.

Crafting a Business 101: The Creative Business Plan is based on my own journey as a creative entrepreneur, successfully running Lazy Owl Boutique for over 3 years, and involves an 8-part plan that is so much more than just a boring, static piece of paper. This e-course guides you through the who, what, when, where, how, and why of your creative business. It’s a simple but thorough step-by-step process that results in a business plan that will be the heart of your creative biz.

What I love about this e-course is that it’s not just reading about stuff, it’s actually doing stuff…doing the work and researching, writing, and crafting your plan. You will use the included printable worksheets to list ideas, hone your thoughts, research the market, and create solutions as you go, and these worksheets will become your business plan. Everything you need to craft a stellar plan is included in this PDF download.

Completing this e-course will…

  • Give your business a defined purpose and set a clear path forward – hone in on why you became a creative entrepreneur in the first place, and stay inspired to keep on trucking through any bumps in the road
  • Give you the tools to sell your products confidently and stand out from the competition – learn how to craft the best message and language to sell and market your products across all platforms
  • Increase your chances of financial success – research and define your ideal customer and your target audience, so you know who to sell your products to and where to find them
  • Save you precious time and energy – determine the best outlets to both sell your goods and promote your business
  • Create a unique and usable business plan that you can implement now, that you can get inspired by now, and that will grow with you as your business grows

The e-course and corresponding worksheets are designed to be worked through at your own pace. You can knock your plan out in a few hours in one sitting, or work on each question set one at a time over a week or two. Either way, what you’ll be left with is a truly helpful set of documents that will guide you towards financial success and serve as an inspirational resource throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

This e-book expands on our popular Crafting a Business 101 series, but with lots more printables, resources, and value-adding content! The e-course includes:

  • An in-depth guide on how to create a usable and effective business plan for your creative business, whether you’re new to being an entrepreneur or just want to re-tool your current plan (or lack thereof!)
  • Printable worksheets and prompts for each step of your new business plan
  • Over 50+ pages of helpful content, printable worksheets, inspirational quotes, and other resources

After completing this business planning course, you’ll have a clear vision of what you want your creative business to represent, and you’ll know exactly what you want from your new entrepreneurial pursuit. You will have the confidence to effectively and efficiently run your creative biz.

You will have all the tools you need to successfully promote, market, and sell your products. Your business, brand, products, and you will all shine in the glow of a well-thought out business plan.

And best of all, you’ll be further along the path toward financial independence and the amazing satisfaction of being a creative success.

Planning for your business gives you the tools you need to have confidence and purpose in your decision-making and business processes. You already have the stellar product, now you just need the stellar well-thought out plan. Get to work!


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