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Rescue Dog for Adoption: Home for the Holidays

Hi guys!

Slightly off-topic for today, we’re going to talk about animal rescue! Since moving to Houston, I’ve become painfully aware of the plight of abused, stray, and neglected animals. Hardly a day goes by where I don’t see a sad stray dog wandering through the busy streets of this city. There are many rescue organizations here trying desperately to make a difference, and they all rely on finding good homes for these defenseless animals.

Over the past three years, we have adopted two rescued dogs. They have truly changed our lives for the better. I honestly can’t imagine life without them at this point! Every time I look at our little doggies, I can’t imagine what could have happened for them to end up living on the street, and I can’t fathom how scared and alone they must have felt trying to survive. Adopting our mutts Leo and Penny is one of the best decisions my husband and I have made.

I’ve united with a local dog rescue organization, Pup Squad, as part of their Holiday Heroes program this December. We are trying to find homes for some of their long-term rescues, dogs who have been up for adoption for quite a while. These guys are ready to find homes for the holidays!

Today I’d like to tell you about Kaycee. I chose Kaycee because she reminds me a little bit of one of our dogs, Penny; she also sounds like an AMAZING dog because she’s very adoptable and easy-going!

Kaycee was found as a puppy wandering the rough streets of Houston near an apartment complex. She looks like some sort of shepherd mix, weights about 45 pounds, and is about one year old. Kaycee is already crate-trained, lease-trained, and housebroken! That is like, the miracle of miracles people (take it from someone who has had to pottytrain a 3 month old puppy)! She loves to play with other dogs and gets along well with all dogs and humans. She is already spayed and fully vaccinated.

how can you resist that face?!

You can read more about Kaycee here.

Kaycee would make a great addition to any home. She is already all trained and ready to go! Will you consider giving this sweet dog a home for the holidays? If you’re interested, please email Kathy at Pup Squad: KathyPupSquad@aol.com

Even if you aren’t ready to adopt a dog right now, please consider sharing, liking, emailing, or tweeting this post (check out the little buttons below!). The more we can share Kaycee’s story, the more likely we can find her a loving home!